Lent Devotions 2012: Saturday 25th February

“So Pilate went outside to them and said, ‘What accusation do you bring against this man?’” John 18:29

Pilate went out to them – those members and leaders of the Jewish Sanhedrin waiting outside, no doubt impatiently. They would not or could not enter a Gentile’s house, or they would have been considered by their own people to be defiled or unclean. Thus, one of Rome’s most powerful men in the Middle East has to come outside to discuss business effectively on the pavement and find out what it was that troubled them so about this man, Jesus. They were quite prepared to use Rome’s authority and law to kill an innocent man – and oh, how innocent He was – yet they dare not cross the threshold of the Governor’s abode for fear of retribution.

Thus, the fate of the Son of God is bickered over in the street by the men of power at that time. Everything about the fate of Christ is unusual, out of the ordinary and unique. Even how this fateful question was asked and of which the given answer was to lead to His death, to a change in history, and even how we ourselves live to this very day. What a terrible and wonderful thing happened on that pavement on that day.

Prayer: In all our meetings with others, let us keep in our minds that we can have great and wonderful effect in their lives if we speak of You, of Your Son, and the glorious promise of eternal life in praise and joy to those who receive Jesus as their Risen Saviour. In Thy Son’s name, Amen.