Lent Devotions 2012: Thursday 23rd February

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

I dedicate this to my little sister who is fiercely afraid of the dark.

The words in John 8:12 take me back to Genesis when God utters the light into being. God’s word is extraordinary, it has the power to create, and it is living. The apostle John also proclaims to us in his gospel that Jesus is that very Word that was with God thousands of years before He was made flesh. To us, every event that has taken place since creation runs on a linear course of time, so we cannot know what lies down the line. But God holds our future in His hands. In the same way that God foreshadowed Jesus’ coming in Genesis, He also knows and anticipates the day when each of us will be in heaven with Him. This is the omniscience of almighty God. He who was there at the beginning and will be there at the end.

The New Testament leaves no shadow of doubt in regards to the legitimacy of Jesus Christ as God. When Jesus makes a speech in the scripture, the apostle whose gospel we find it in usually makes the indication “Jesus spoke”, which is an emphatic affirmation that calls our attention and reminds us of his Godly authority. We were once ill with the incurable condition of sin; Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross liberated us from it.

In literature it is time and again portrayed that nothing good comes from the darkness, and the colour black has become an omen of doom. Shakespearean villains operate under the cover of the night but there is no need for superstitious fear of the night. Rather we should embrace the night as a gift of God that reminds us that in Him we have rest. Our biggest enemy has already been conquered for us on the cross. In the season of Lent we ponder on the sacrifice of the “light of the world” which “the darkness did not overcome”. Thus, to follow Him is to “have the light of life”.

May the words of John 8:12 bring comfort in time of sorrow and spiritual darkness, in the name of Jesus; Amen.