Lent devotions 2011: Tuesday 22 March

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.John 15: 5

Reading this little verse really summarises one of the main principles of Christian faith for me: our unity with Jesus.

When we stay in Him, like He says, we will bear much fruit and our lives will reflect His presence. There is nothing outside Christ that will last or bear any significance in the long term.

So there is an answer for anybody who is yearning for a fulfilled and happy life: the communion with Jesus.

I know I find it difficult at times, as there are so many distractions and temptations along the way, every day. This is why I feel it is so important to be part of Christ Church and receive love and support from brothers and sisters in Christ.

I feel truly blessed to be part of this family, one little branch in the tree of Christ.

We thank You Father, for this wonderful gift of our family in Christ. Amen.