Lent Devotions 2010: Thursday 25 March

“Therefore He had to be made like His brothers in every respect, so that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people.  For because He Himself has suffered when tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.”  Hebrews 2:17-18.


Jesus knows what it is like to be in our shoes.  He suffered and was tempted like us.  He knew in the flesh how harmful sin is, and He knows that we can’t give up sinning.  Sin is like an addiction.  We know that sin is bad and that God doesn’t like it but we sin because it makes us feel good momentarily.  However, when we see the effects of our sins in the mess they cause, we feel like we need more of the same to get us going.

We live in a vicious, self centred circle and can’t get out of it.  However, that doesn’t make us less guilty and in God’s records our list of convictions is endless.  For our sake, Jesus became one of us in every respect apart from sinning.  Unlike us, Jesus lived without sin and did the will of God by dying on the cross to pay for our release.  He called us brothers so that the Father might call us His children, and even now Jesus continues to intercede for us so that our heavenly Father may keep us from evil.

Our Father, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.