Lent Devotions 2010: Introduction

2010 is a year of uncertainty. We are in the strangling grip of a worldwide economic recession. The horror of war almost daily confronts us. An election looms ever closer, and we wonder if anyone will tell us the truth or have the solutions we need to strengthen our nation. The awesome forces of nature (snow and earthquake) remind us of just how vulnerable we truly are. Hey, let’s be honest: the world is in a mess.

And that is what Lent is all about. During this 40-day season God calls us to reflect on our place in His universe. He bids us ponder deeply our helplessness and hopelessness without Him. Our loving Father longs for repentance and a turning in humility toward Him and His ways. God desires us to confess that, not only is the world in a mess, but because of our sinful disobedience and rebellion against God, our lives are in a mess as well.

But the story doesn’t end there. Lent points us from our mess to the true and certain solution: Jesus Christ. And these Lent devotions are designed to assist each one of us to repent of our sins and then to look to Jesus Christ, our Saviour, for deliverance.

To help us with this task, this year’s devotions have been structured so that on Mondays we hear from the Gospel of John so that “we may believe that Jesus is the Christ”. We hear God’s prophetic voice on Tuesdays as we look at readings from Isaiah. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we hear of Jesus’ work for us, especially focusing on the cross. The Lord’s Prayer gives us pause for thought on Fridays, and Saturday sees us praying the Psalms together.

Thank you for taking the time to join the members and friends of Christ Lutheran Church as we journey through Lent together. Special thanks to so many that, in most cases, gladly agreed to share their faith with us. A word of thanks also goes to the editing team of Emily Halton, Paul Hill, Phil Arnold and curate Jaime Kriger for all their hard work in bringing this volume together.

My prayer is that this booklet will strengthen and build up our faith in Jesus Christ during these uncertain and difficult times. Lord, speak to us through these words and make our hearts ready and receptive to Your Law and Gospel.

Yours in Christ,

Jon Ehlers, Pastor

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