Lent Devotions 2009: Thursday 26th March

“Our God comes; He does not keep silence;
before Him is a devouring fire,
around Him a mighty tempest.”
Psalm 50:3

In 1972 Francis Schaeffer wrote the classic book He is There And He Is Not Silent. Schaeffer uses philosophical argument to demonstrate that God speaks to us through our metaphysical, moral, and intellectual needs. God is trying to communicate with us, but we are too uninterested to listen.
The Bible is full of examples of God speaking to us. God spoke creation into being by His Word. He called Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses to lead and deliver His people Israel. He spoke words of judgement and comfort to His people through the prophets. But finally He spoke to us through His Son Jesus Christ, the true Word of God.

But people today often say that they wish God would speak to them, either to give them guidance or answers as they face life’s problems. Unfortunately these folks are often so busy trying to look for God’s guidance in the wrong places that they fail to hear His Word where He promises to speak to them. God still speaks to us today through His means of grace. God speaks directly to us through His Word. Open it up, read it, and see if it doesn’t speak right into your life. God spoke directly to you when you were baptised, as He placed His name upon you to make you His child. You are His beloved child in whom He is well pleased. God speaks directly to you each time you are at the Communion rail, “take and eat … take and drink this is My blood given and shed for you for the forgiveness of your sins.” Are you listening?

Lord, close our mouths and open our ears so that we may hear You speaking to us through Your means of grace. Amen.