Lent Devotions 2008: Tuesday 18 March

Help us, O God of our Salvation,
for the Glory of Your Name;
deliver us, and atone for our sins,
for Your name’s sake! Psalm 79:9

In this verse forgiveness of sins is being asked for. It is important to remember as Christians that only God can forgive our sins and that Eternal Life and Salvation comes through faith and belief in Jesus.

This is why we have God come first in our lives. But though we try not to become distracted by bad influences, sin is a clear reality in our lives. Then God has to also return us to a state of wellbeing. He does this by just loving us.

Our God is a forgiving God, as is also shown in this verse. God’s Name is mentioned twice in this verse. Jesus asks God for His forgiveness for man, in His Own Name. Jesus asks God that He forgive man for the honour and glory that is due His Name.

If God did not forgive when being asked for forgiveness, He would hardly be the forgiving God that He claims to be.

Prayer: ‘All the prophets testify about You that everyone who believes in You receives forgiveness for his sins through Your Name.’ Lord, let Your Spirit guide our hearts to repentance of our sin so that we may gratefully receive Your Forgiveness. Amen.