Lent Devotions 2008: Wednesday 20 February

For in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in Heaven, making peace by the blood of His cross. (Colossians 1:19-20)

For us the passage expresses the feeling of the Father after the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. God is expressed to be pleased. What is He so pleased about? Humanity has caused his Son great suffering!

Well, firstly, there is the reference to “fullness dwelling in him”, indicating the reunion of the Son with the Father, once again, following the life of Jesus on earth as a human being. For us this represents a very natural sentiment; the joy of a Father having a beloved family member, let alone an Only Son, return to his home, after a long period of absence.

Secondly, it is expressed that God is pleased with the work that Jesus has done. The key word to us in this passage is “reconcile”. We see this as the agreement, synthesis and perfection of all things through the act of The Sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and His overcoming Death through Resurrection.

It is said, “by making peace though His blood”. The word “peace” suggests an end to a state of struggle or war. So what struggle or war was it? We interpret this as the ultimate struggle, between men and within men, between good and evil, life and death, wisdom and ignorance which has now been resolved through Jesus’ actions and His promise. The war has been won by a resounding victory, the victory of Jesus in overcoming evil and death.

Father in Heaven, thank You for giving Your Son up for us; that we may be saved from death and the grave; that we may go with Jesus into a life of everlasting paradise. Amen.