Advent Service

The first of a series. Celebrate The Advent of Our Lord with Christ Lutheran Church this season. Let us get exciting together again at the news of the coming of Jesus Christ; not only looking to the history of His birth but also the final coming. Praise be to God, the Son of Man and the Lamb.

Karaoke Night!

The genuine factor! The Z Factor was just a warm up folks. Come right up for a night of fun and laughs and singing right here at Christ Lutheran Church.

Oddfellows Brew-up

Um… not exactly sure what this is but it sounds like there are alcoholic beverages involved. It looks like great fun. All are welcome to join in this festive occasion.

Congregational Planning Meeting

What happens at the church and who decides? Don’t expect to have the right to complain about what might be happening in your church if if you don’t come to the meetings! It’s simple; if you come, then you will have a good idea of everything that goes on, in detail. All details are of course able to be viewed by any member of the church, at any time, even after the meetings take place. But if you don’t come to the meetings, you don’t actually see what takes place. You don’t see the  humour, as well as the sweat, effort and love that takes place to make things happen at the church.