Chicken Night

It’s what it sounds. It’s ‘Do an impression of a chicken night’. Just kidding. It’s ‘Come along and stuff yourself with tasty chicken and good company night’. These chicken nights are always so well done and a good time really is had by all. Don’t miss it… and bring a friend.


You’ve heard of the X-Factor. Well, this is Z-Factor. Christ Lutheran Church is putting on a talent show folks. Step right up, take your seat and enjoy. If you want to take part, contact Sandra Arnold.

Holiday Bible Club

Experience the wonders of the word reaching round to all the continents of the world by coming to our Holiday Bible Club this year. It is for four days. Worship, stories, crafts, music and snacks and more. Good fun and fellowship for everyone. Contact us for an application form today.

Youth Group Reunion

The 1960’s and 70’s Youth Group is planning a reunion on Saturday the 12th July. You may recognise some names such as Sandra and Phil Arnold or Andrew and Wendy Nicolson or Paul and Tina Hill. Get in touch. Come along.

Cooking Day

Cooking Day is a fun day where children can learn how to make delicious sweets and goodies. Tickets are £10 per family and this includes making and decorating the sweets, games and trampolining. For more information, please see Marcia or Marta. Pre-bookings preferred.